Add to Your Jewelry

Families grow. When you have a new member join the family, you want to add to your bracelet or necklace right away.

We can CHANGE existing jewelry to add a child's name and/or birthstone (even if we did not make the original item). Your cost is as follows:

Change 1 strand: $20
Change 2 strands (or necklace): $25
Change 3 strands: $30
Change 4 strands: $35
Change 5 strands: $40

We can also ADD entire strands to an existing bracelet (even if we did not make the original item). Your cost is as follows:

Add 1 strand: $60
Add 2 strands: $120
Add 3 strands: $180

CHANGE Your Jewelry :

ADD Strands :

Add Special Instructions (check box).

After placing your order, send your bracelet or necklace to the following address:

Beaded Royalty
1636 Third Ave, Suite 218
New York, NY 10128


FANTASTIC work!!!!! I first made a purchase from Beaded Royalty in 2008. I bought my wife a bracelet with our then newborn daughter's name and birthstone. Since then we have ordered bracelets for relatives and I recently had our newborn son's name and birthstone added to the bracelet I bought for my wife back in 2008. She LOVES it and EVERYONE compliments her on it.

Brian, NJ


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