Jewelry Options

Each of our items are made specifically for the customer who orders it.  Several components have a number of options to choose from.  Please see below for a description of the components and the options available to you.

Sterling Silver Letter Beads

We are the only custom sterling silver jewelry website to offer 4 types of letter beads to choose from - all in stock all the time.  We offer the following options:

  • B - 4.5mm Square Letter Beads
  • E - 5.5mm Square Letter Beads
  • A - 4.5mm Rounded Letter Beads
  • D - 6.0mm Rounded Letter Beads

Sterling Silver Alphabet Letter Beads

We find the rounded blocks to be a little more comfortable and elegant.  Small blocks are recommended for child bracelets and large blocks are recommended for adult bracelets, but it is always your choice.  Smaller blocks can allow more letters to be used when space is limited (either a small bracelet or multiple words).

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Crystals come in more than 60 Swarovski crystal colors.  If you are looking for a particular color that is not pictured, please contact us.

We use the colors below to represent birthstones in our bracelets:

  • JANUARY - Garnet - dark red
  • FEBRUARY - Amethyst - purple
  • MARCH - Aquamarine - light blue
  • APRIL - Diamond - clear
  • MAY - Emerald - dark green
  • JUNE - Light Amethyst - light purple
  • JULY - Ruby - red
  • AUGUST - Peridot - light green
  • SEPTEMBER - Sapphire - blue
  • OCTOBER - Light Rose - light pink
  • NOVEMBER - Topaz - orange
  • DECEMBER - Blue Zircon - turquoise

Semi Precious Gemstones

Semi precious gemstones come in more colors than I can count or even imagine. Semi precious gemstones are actually mined from the Earth and cut and polished to an amazing shine. The possibilities are endless, but we carry 13 semi precious gemstones.  If you are looking for a particular color that is not pictured, please contact us.

Sterling Silver Clasps

Our clasps are made of solid .925 sterling silver and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.  This is just one more way to make your bracelet special.  If you are looking for a specific type of clasp that is not pictured, please contact us with a description.  Our supplier has a very large selection of clasps and we are always happy to accommodate special requests.

Please note - when ordering a bracelet with three or more strands, we recommend choosing a tube clasp (#2-4).  It is the most secure way to wear a multi-strand bracelet. 

Sterling Silver Clasps

Sterling Silver Clasps

Sterling Silver Clasps

Sterling Silver Clasps

  1. 11mm Shiny Round Toggle
  2. 4-Strand Tubing Clasp
  3. 3-Strand Tubing Clasp
  4. 2-Strand Tubing Clasp
  5. Round Lobster Clasp
  6. Heart-Shaped Lobster Clasp
  7. 19mm Shiny Square Toggle
  8. 17mm Fancy Round Toggle
  9. Elegant Hook and Eye Clasp
  10. 16mm Twisted Round Toggle
  11. 14mm Bali Round Toggle
  12. 15mm Twisted Heart Toggle
  13. 14mm Shiny Heart Toggle
  14. 15mm Kinked Round Toggle
  15. 15mm Bent Round Toggle
  16. Fancy Square Toggle
  17. 14mm Puff Round Toggle

Sterling Silver Charms

Our 925 Sterling Silver Charms are made of .925 sterling silver and are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.