Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Does your sterling silver jewelry need a pick-me-up? Sterling silver jewelry will last a lifetime, but it WILL tarnish. I don't care what anyone promises...the top layer of silver will react with the air and cause a smoky layer called patina to form. The good news is that we clean sterling silver jewelry and can restore it to its original luster. Please note, there are exceptions with severely damaged pieces.

The cost for us to clean sterling silver jewelry includes cleaning the beads on the existing strand(s):

Clean 1 Strand: $5
Clean 2 Strands (or necklace): $10
Clean 3 Strands: $15
Clean 4 Strands: $20
Clean 5 Strands: $25

Restore & Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you would like us to clean sterling silver jewelry as described above and string it on new wire, please choose the "Restore" option below:

Restore 1 Strand: $15
Restore 2 Strands (or necklace): $20
Restore 3 Strands: $25
Restore 4 Strands: $30
Restore 5 Strands: $35

CLEAN Sterling Silver Jewelry:

RESTORE & CLEAN Sterling Silver Jewelry:

Add Special Instructions (check box).

Add Bracelet Helper $7.00

Add Gift Box $2.50

Add Sunshine Polishing Cloth (recommended) $4.00

After placing your order, send your jewelry to the following address:

Beaded Royalty
1636 Third Ave, Suite 218
New York, NY 10128


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