Custom Awareness Bracelets

Awareness colors became a symbol in the 1970s when the wives of American hostages held in Iran tied a yellow ribbon to a tree.   In 1991 yellow ribbons were utilized to support soldiers fighting the Gulf War.  That same year, AIDS activists chose bright red for their color and actor Jeremy Irons wore a red ribbon during the Tony awards.  Awareness ribbons quickly became a must-have item for  charitable organizations and the New York Times declared 1992 as "The Year of the Ribbon".

We offer custom awareness bracelets made with Swarovski crystals as a beautiful way to represent the causes that affect our lives.  We have created individual pages for our most frequently ordered Custom Awareness Bracelets: 

We are happy to make Custom Awareness Bracelets for any disease or cause that may have affected you. Our Awareness Color Chart lists diseases, cancers, causes, corresponding awareness colors, and the Swarovski crystals we use to represent them. 

In addition, we have created 2 styles of Custom Awareness Bracelets that allow you to choose the color and thereby choose the cancer represented: