Gift Packaging

Velveteen Pouch

Each piece of jewelry we create is placed in a velveteen pouch wrapped in tissue.  This is included in the price of the item and is a good place to store your jewelry when it is not being worn.  However, if you are giving a gift and want a bit more in the presentation department, we have 2 options.

Gift Box

We offer a glossy black Gift Box tied with several strands of Wraphia ribbon for $3.00. The item(s) is placed in the velveteen pouch and shipped separately from the box and ribbon unless it is sent directly to the recipient.  This allows you to "see" your special gift before it is given. If you prefer for it to be all wrapped up, simply make a note and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Bracelet Box

For a much more special presentation, we offer a black velveteen Bracelet Box for $6.00. This metal frame hinged box is covered in luxurious black velveteen. The interior is velvet and satin which complements our jewelry beautifully. The bracelet is held in place on each end with an elastic band and is delivered inside a two-piece gift box tied with several strands of Wraphia ribbon.


  • All Cancer Bracelet
  • Family Birthstone Necklace
  • Psalm 23 Bracelet
  • Swarovski Crystal Bracelet