Personalized Name Bracelets

Names - everyone has one.  While names serve many purposes, most importantly they distinguish us from one another. Names give us an identity and place in society. I think that is why personalized name bracelets are becoming so popular.

Mothers miss their children when they are away from them.  Wearing the name of a child on our wrist makes us feel somehow closer to them. Children and teens are establishing their identities in the world alongside and apart from their parents.  Wearing their own name on their wrist (with a charm or 2 that identifies their hobbies) makes them feel more grownup.

We have also begun to add non-traditional personalized name bracelets such as Pet Bracelets and Military Bracelets. My 2 English Springer Spaniels are a distinct part of the family. Further, a spouse who is stationed overseas can feel closer with their name on your wrist.

Personalized Name Bracelets from Beaded Royalty are the perfect gift for a Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day or any other occasion when you want to tell the special lady in your life how much you love and appreciate her.

Each strand of our personalized name bracelets can display up to 2 names.  Our personalized name bracelets can have up to 4 strands - with 2 names on each strand - that makes up to 8 names!

Are you buying for a child or teen?  Choose a single strand bracelet with just one name.

Personalized Name Bracelets are priced are as follows:
1-Strand: start at $75
2-Strand: start at $130
3-Strand: start at $190
4-Strand: start at $250

Our personalized name bracelets are custom made. If you don't see exactly what you have in mind, contact us and we will assist you in designing the perfect bracelet!