Repair & Resize Jewelry

Repair Jewelry

Any repairs necessary before 30 days have elapsed are FREE.  Any repairs after 30 days are considered normal wear and tear.  We will gladly repair your bracelet (and replace any lost beads) even if we did not make it originally. Although our jewelry is strung on 49 strand beading wire, we can also restring bracelets on elastic cord. 

Your cost is as follows:

Repair 1 strand: $20
Repair 2 strands (or necklace): $25
Repair 3 strands: $30
Repair 4 strands: $35
Repair 5 strands: $40

Extensive damage or damage to jewelry we did not originally make that requires special order beads may be extra.  Please contact us if you are unsure or have questions.

Resize Jewelry

Jewelry resizing is FREE within 15 days of receiving your order - see our Perfect Fit Promise for details.  We will gladly resize your jewelry (after the 15 day timeframe) even if we did not make it originally.  Please use the form below to order the work.    Labor is as follows:

Resize 1 strand: $15
Resize 2 strands (or necklace): $20
Resize 3 strands: $25
Resize 4 strands: $30
Resize 5 strands: $35

As long as you see the beads needed to restring the bracelet somewhere on our site, there is no need to contact us first.

REPAIR Jewelry:

RESIZE Jewelry:

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Add Bracelet Helper $7.00

Add Gift Box $2.50

Add Sunshine Polishing Cloth (recommended) $4.00


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