Sterling Silver Birthstone Jewelry

Our business was founded on silver birthstone jewelry. It all started with a birthstone mother bracelet - sterling silver beads and Swarovski crystals. We still make birthstone mother bracelets, but we have expended our sterling silver birthstone jewelry line to include birthstone charms and beaded necklaces. We use the traditional birthstone chart (below), but if the birthstone you see assoiated with your month is not the one you expected, merely let us know and we will customize for you!

Silver Birthstone Necklaces

Silver Birthstone Bracelets

Traditional birthstone associations:

  • JANUARY - Garnet - dark red
  • FEBRUARY - Amethyst - purple
  • MARCH - Aquamarine - light blue
  • APRIL - Diamond - clear
  • MAY - Emerald - dark green
  • JUNE - Light Amethyst - light purple
  • JULY - Ruby - red
  • AUGUST - Peridot - light green
  • SEPTEMBER - Sapphire - royal blue
  • OCTOBER - Light Rose - light pink
  • NOVEMBER - Topaz - orange
  • DECEMBER - Blue Zircon - turquoise

Sterling silver birthstone jewelry is custom-made.  If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, contact us and we will customize something just for you!