What makes our bracelets unique?

Here at Beaded Royalty, we are committed to being the very best in the business. To that end, we have established a number of unique characteristics that set us apart from the competition.

  • We offer rounded letter beads in our sterling silver beaded bracelets that are more comfortable to wear. They convey a sense of classy elegance that you won't see anywhere else.

  • We use "Heavy" 49-strand nylon-coated beading wire so your bracelet won't stretch out or relax over time. 

  • We offer a Perfect Fit Promise. If your bracelet doesn't fit, return it within the first 15 days and we will resize it free - you don't even have to pay return shipping!

  • We offer FREE USPS Priority Shipping on all orders over $99 within the continental US. We also offer several international and expedited shipping options for those needing their orders more quickly.

  • We are the ONLY custom sterling silver jewelry company to offer a brand ID tag. It adds so much to the classy elegance of each piece!

    "Beaded Royalty" ID Tag

  • We are the ONLY custom sterling silver jewelry company to offer 4 types of letter beads to choose from - all in stock all the time.  We offer the following options:
    • B - 4.5mm Square Letter Beads
    • E - 5.5mm Square Letter Beads
    • A - 4.5mm Rounded Letter Beads
    • D - 6.0mm Rounded Letter Beads

    Sterling Silver Alphabet Letter Beads